CHS Mrs. Langston

2014-2015 School Year

Freshman Focus

All students must have their planners purchased and brought into class by Friday SEPTEMBER 5th.

Don't forget *** If you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to check my blog to see what you missed in class. You have THREE school days upon your return to turn in the assignment(s). I will NOT accept work after the three days.

Attached is the course syllabus. This is due by Friday 9/5 and is worth 50 points. Must be signed by parent/guardian. Freshman Focus Syllabus 2014-2015

Parent, please also look over the behavior agreement your students signed for my classroom. This was also due by Friday 9/5. Freshman Focus Classroom Behavior Agreement 9.14. Your student will be held to these expectations. If your student violates any of the items on the agreement he or she signed, a copy will be attached to the behavior referral that is given to the grade level administrator by me. Maintaining these standards helps to keep a positive learning enviornment and prepare students for their various working environments.

Thank you,

Mrs. Langston


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