CHS Mrs. Langston

2014-2015 School Year

Academy: Week of 6/1-6/5

Monday: Finals planning sheet will be handed out and discussed. The sheet is due this Friday. Talk to your  teachers. Continue to work on and practice your speeches.

Tuesday: Practice speeches in groups.

Wednesday: Practice speeches in groups.

Thursday: Practice speeches in groups.

Friday: Practice speeches in groups.

Financial Fitness: Week of 6/1-6/5

Monday: Food Reinforcement worksheet is due.

Tuesday: Begin final project today. Introduction to project and the class will meet your families for the project.

Wednesday: Your SMART goal is due today. That is the Setting Financial Goals sheet in your project binder. This sheet will be graded today.

Thursday: Work on your spending plans. Parts 1-3 are due today and will be graded.

Friday: Work on your spending plans. Housing and transportation will be graded today. You can work ahead or take your binder home for the weekend. Attached is the PowerPoint that may assist you with your work: Life_In_US_PowerPoint_2.0.1.G1

Freshman Focus: Week of 6/1-6/5

Monday: Practice speech timings as a group. Time will be given to update PowerPoint if needed to help make the speech time (5 minute minimum).

Tuesday: Special Schedule for testing so only 30 minute class periods. Another day of practice timings and rubric review. Rubrics are in my sharing folder for review.

Wednesday: Peer review. Please partner up and we will time our peer review as a group. The peer review forms are due today and are worth points.

Thursday: Speech practice.

Friday: Final version of PowerPoint is due today. You will turn in a copy to my sharing folder. I also suggest uploading to your googledrive as a back up for finals day in case of technology issues.

Academy: Week of 5/25-5/29

Monday: No School for Memorial Day.

Tuesday: Your PowerPoint should have been checked off for completion on Friday. If you weren't done, this is your final and you need to stay on track. You have 5 days to work on the PowerPoint. Today you are working on writing your speech introductions. Attached is the speech rubric. Please look this over and check your PowerPoints to make sure you have all of the detail covered. Use this to help your create your speech. Academy Career Speech Rubric Revised 5.22.15

Wednesday: Today you will construct your speech for slides 2-5

Thursday: Keep working on your speech and finish up constructing your speech.

Friday: Your speech including conclusion should be done today. If you want points for completing, make sure one of us teachers previews what you have typed up.

Financial Fitness: Week of 5/25-5/29

Monday: No School for Memorial Day.

Tuesday: Senior Skip Day. If you choose to skip today you are still expected to do some work on the note guide. You are expected to complete the transportation section today. For your convenience I have attached the Presentation and note guide in case you need it. Major_Expenditures_PPT_2.6.7 and Major_Expenditures_Note_Taking_Guide_2.6.7.L1

Wednesday: If you miss class today due to Senior  Mother Tea, you still need to keep up on the work. Make sure you complete this transportation assignment: Transportation_Reinforcement_2.6.7.A3

Thursday: I will be out today. Please continue reviewing the PowerPoint on your own. Complete the Food Section today. This is the final part of the note guide. Before you leave today the Note Guide is Due. If you have left over time, please grab a copy off of my desk and work on the "Eating on a Budget" worksheet. This will be due tomorrow before you leave for the weekend. Eating_on_a_Budget_2.6.7.A6. All missing work is due tomorrow; the last day I will take it. Copies of all recent assignments are on the tall wood table and listed by name and due date. I can't make it any easier for you seniors!

Friday: The "Eating on a Budget" worksheet is due. If you have time, you need to work on and complete the "Food Reinforcement" worksheet as well. Today is the last day I will take missing work. This has been on my board all week and you have yesterday to work on it. Don't ask me again after today!

Freshman Focus: Week of 5/25-5/29

Monday: No School for Memorial Day.

Tuesday: Continue work on Career PowerPoint. Your presentation should be complete today.

Wednesday: Write speech introductions and conclusions. Your introduction should include: 

  • Introduce yourself (first and last name)
  • Have an attention grabber. Not a Question! Use a statistic, quote, story, etc. Be creative when grabbing our attention and drawing us in to listen to your speech.

Write out your introduction WORD FOR WORD what you plan on saying. This will be turned in today so I can review it and give you a grade.

You are also writing out your conclusion for your speech (on the same piece of paper). The conclusion should include:

  • A summary of your key points
  • What you learned from the project (reflection)
  • If this may be a job you want to do in the future (if not, tell us what changed your mind)
  • Close the speech (thank the group or ask if there are any questions)

The conclusion should also be written out WORD FOR WORD what you are planning on saying.

Thursday: I will be out today. Tomorrow we will work on practice timings for your speech. Today you will complete your final Current Event for me. Here is the form and it is also in my sharing folder: CURRENT EVENT—-You copy into your OWN folderThis is due before you leave class today. Use the yellow books and your citations should be PERFECT by now.The form is in my sharing folder like before. Do a "save as" into your own folder. Use the Columbian or another news source. Print when completed and turn into the drawer.

Friday: Use today to check on the PowerPoint rubric (attached here for you) Career PowerPoint Rubric Revised 1 7 15 Final. Make sure you have all parts included for full points. We will do the practice timings on Monday so use today to continue to build and construct your speech and/or notecards. You will get your introductions back on Monday. The speech schedule will also be decided today.

Financial Fitness: Week of 5/18-5/22

Monday: Work on the Car Purchase Packet. Make sure you ignore the first page. Start with Part 2 and finish the packet. Purchasing_an_Automobile_Student_Workbook_2.6.8.A1

Tuesday: The Car Purchase packet is due today. TEXTBOOK TUESDAY! Read pages 238-241. On page 242 complete problems: 2,4,5,6,8, and 9. Use this website to help with the packet: Use 6.5% sales tax for the car purchase packet.

Textbook Work:

Wednesday: Begin the Major Expenditures Lesson. This lesson will take a few days to get through but it is highly important you understand this lesson. A large part of the final project will involved this information.

Thursday: Today we finished the "Housing" section of the note guide. Please see the attached PowerPoint (will be reviewed through Wednesday next week) and a copy of the note guide is attached as well. Major_Expenditures_PPT_2.6.7 and Major_Expenditures_Note_Taking_Guide_2.6.7.L1

Friday: Complete and turn in the "Finding a Rental" worksheet. This was given out yesterday. Then we will have a quick quiz on the Housing section of what we went over in class. Finding_a_Rental_2.6.7.A5