A new unit has begun: Shakespeare's Macbeth. We will be working with actors on this unit to get into the words, ideas, and actions of the characters. Students are responsible for summarizing each scene for us (they have been assigned), and will present those summaries throughout the unit. Students will be quizzed on each of the five acts of the play, upon finishing reading each act in class. In addition, we will have a writing project as the final assessment. See the "Lessons and Materials" tab above for a link to each day's lesson!

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New unit!

We are currently reading Purple Hibiscus in IAA English 10. Students have a packet with chapter assignments in it, which includes a calendar of due dates for the reading and those assignments. Because we don't meet every weekday, you will notice that nearly each class includes a due date. Stay on top of the reading so you don't get left in the dust! If you do fall behind, see me so we can make a plan to catch you up!

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