Hello …

Welcome to this public website.  Students of my classes should access our private class pages hosted on Piazza. Parents may also access them – just send me an email identifying yourself and I will have the software robot send you an invitation to join. 


On this site you will see links to robotics, engineering and programming sites and resources that I and my students find useful or entertaining. You won't find the details of communication or assignments, or propritery software – those are on our Piazza-hosted private site. 


Spring 2014 we are using the EV3 devices from Lego to serve as vehicles for our programming efforts. We are using the "education version" (on the link above) not the version you will find on Amazon. 



This year … and beyond … ??


This spring I have the good fortune to be assisitng our students with an introductory robotics and engineering and programming class using EV3 robots as our pathway to dive into this wonderful world of (near) magic. 


As long as we learn to continue working until our projects are completed well, then we can do most anything in more advanced classes.  … …  we could continue to do an intro class, … but … from what I see so far, we are going to want  to do more advanced class topics, such as: Android programming, Java programming, VEX robots and programming with a version of "C", visual arts and robots integrration, video and programming and robots and possibly claymation animation, using Scratch to create learning games for elementary students, using a Java or other language engine to create more sophisticated games.  What will you commit to? 






not this cat ….