Your child started taking multiplication fluency timed (one minute) tests in class recently. All fourth grade students need to have multiplication facts through 12 memorized with quick recall. It is extremely important to have these facts memorized as quickly as possible. It sets a great foundation for this year's math curriculum and will make math more enjoyable for your child. Please help your child study at home. Here are some multiplication fluency websites that may be helpful for your child.


‚ÄčMultiplication Flashcards

Arithmetic Game

Multiplication Game

Ascend Math Fluency Practice

Helen Baller's PTA is incredible! They do so much for us like organizing fun events like the Birthday table, Fun Run and The Baller Carnival. Please visit their website to see their calendar as dates are posted. You can also access a link to an easy fundraiser that the PTA does year round: Amazon! If you access Amazon through their website, a portion of your purchase will go to our school. It is completely private and a great way to help out!

Helen Baller PTA

Wow, it's time for a new year! We are all very excited to get to know our new families! This blog is here to help as a tool for what we do in fourth grade. You may know Helen Baller's math curriculum, EngageNY. There is a link to helpful sites on the upper left of the blog. We will be adding more things as we move through the year!