Lesson 10: Wrap up & Review

18 Oct

Today in class we went over our final essays that are due on TUESDAY!!! Be sure to use your rubric as you write you essay. It's a helpful guide. Also, you will need to turn in your essay handout with your paper. Before you turn your paper in, I want you to do a self assessment using the rubric. If you have lost the handout, you can find a copy right here=======> Final Essay for Anthem


For homework, this will be your last blog post. It is worth five points. I want you to write any final thoughts you have from Wednesday's Fishbowl discussion. This needs to be posted TONIGHT! And your book trailers need to be uploaded to YouTube before you come to class on Friday. Points will be deducted for late projects. I will not take ANY EXCUSES!!! You have had plenty of time to work on this project.


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Lesson 9: Technology Lesson

16 Oct

Today we worked in the lab on our videos. If you were absent, please bring your storyboard to class tomorrow. This video is due on Friday. That means that once you sit down in your seat on Friday, your video should already be uploaded to YouTube. You can come to the lab on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday morning to finish if you need time to finish.

I handed out the prompt for the final essay for Anthem. We will look over it together in class on Thursday. But I advise you to get started as soon as possible. That is due Tuesday, October 23. ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!

Final Essay for Anthem



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Lesson 8: Storyboard and quiz

15 Oct

New vocab list: We will be reviewing words from the last 5 lists.


In class: Quiz over chapters 10-12
We went over the storyboard rubric and used it to critique the example video.

Tommor, I will check your storyboards. And I will give the prompt for the final essay that will be due October 23 (Tuesday). Don't forget, your videos are due October 19 (Friday). They need to be uploaded to YouTube BEFORE YOU GET TO CLASS ON FRIDAY!! Points will be deducted for late videos.

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Lesson 7: Storyboard

11 Oct

In class: We had our vocab quiz over the list of "C2" words. We talked about your final projects. As part of your final project, you will be creating a book trailer. The handout with the information is below. I am looking forward to seeing your final ccreations.


For homework, start your story board for your Anthem book trailer. The final product is due Friday, October 19th.  It must be uploaded to YouTube before the start of your class period. Points will be deducted if you are late.
 For Monday, write your leveled questions. On Wednesday and Thursday, we will use some of these questions for a "fishbowl discussion".

Anthem Book Trailer



This will help you with your questions for Monday.

Levels of Questions in Literature


When asked to analyze a piece of literature (poem, letter, essay, story, etc.) it is beneficial to you as the reader if you are able to create your own discussion questions.


Level One: Explicitly found within the text, often plot or character based, shows comprehension of the reading


Level Two: Requires some level of interpretation (inference or analysis), a response would require adequate support from the text


Level Three: Abstract, thought provoking; goes beyond or outside the text, addresses a real world situation or issue.




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Lesson 6: Role Play/Characterization

10 Oct

In class:
At this point, we have finished the book. We talked about other characters in the books. They are Equality 7-2521, Liberty 5-3000, Collective 0-0009, International 4-8818, Union 5-3992, Solidarity 9-6347, and Fraternity 2-5503. We split up into groups and created skits for each character.

There's no homework that was assigned today. But you need to do your RAFT writing.
FIRST PERIOD CLASS: Just follow the directions and do the best you can.
This RAFT writing is due tomorrow (THURSDAY). It is not to be posted on the blog. You can either write it or type it and turn it in as you come to class tomorrow! If your RAFT is posted to the blog, I will not read it and you will not receive a grade for it!!! And your vocab quiz on the C2 words will be this Thursday, as there is no school on Friday.

Also for those of you who have been absent at all this week, please see me to make up any work you have missed. Grades will be going home soon and you may want all of your grades posted before these are sent home.

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Lesson 5: chs 7-9 (Tuesday Oct 9)

09 Oct

RAFT Writing directions and Rubric

In class: We went over this week's vocab words. Your quiz is on Thursday this week.
Quiz on chapters 4-9, Rand, and theme
Problematic situation- group assignment

At this point we have read all the way through chapter 9.

For homework, finish the book (chapters 10, 11, & 12)
Also check out this RAFT writing. It is due Thursday (if we didn't touch on it in class today, we will tomorrow).

RAFT writing is a way of writing that allows you to think beyond the written text. It allows you to write using your opinion and what you have read in the book. RAFT is an acronym for
R: role (who is the writer, what is the role of the writer?)
A: audience (to whom are you writing?)
F: format (What format should the writing be in?)
T: topic (What are you writing about?)


Here is an example:

R: International 4-8818
A: Self
F: Diary
T: My friendship with Equality 7-2521

Dear Diary
The rise in the corners of my lips tends to get my in trouble. I like the rise, and I like to see the lips of the others rise as well. But it tends to get me in a lot of trouble. It is improper to smile without reason (chap 1), but I truly do have a reason. They just don't understand. Equality seems to understand me. We have an understand. We are friends, but we must not let anyone else know.
We are very similar, Equality and I. We are both tall, and we are not afraid. And we are strong (chap 1). Equality has less fear and more courage than I. The hole he found today, I dared not enter. But I promised I would never tell on Equality. I told him I would not tell. I would rather do bad with my brother Equality than do good with the rest of my brothers. We both must ask the council for mercy.  I am also sure to save a seat for him when he sneaks out.
I am not made for this type of society. I want to think and feel on my own. I want to feel the rise of my lips. That is freedom. That is what I feel, what I yearn for.
I better go before I can caught, for this is a transgression.
International 4-8818

Here are the prompts:

R: Equality 7-2521
A: Self
F: Diary Entry
T: Am I really egotistical? Why or why not?
**Be sure to cite specific reasons why he is or isn't

R: Equality 7-2521
A: Liberty 5-3000
F: Letter
T: How I've changed since I met you
**Be sure to cite references from the book comparing Equality before and after he met Liberty 5-3000

R: Solidarity 9-6347
A: Self
F: Diary Entry
T: Why I scream at night

R: World Council
A: Union 5-3992
F: Letter
T: You're an ideal citizen
**Be sure to cite examples as to why he is an ideal citizen


If you want a challenge, create your own prompt and write from it. DO NOT POST YOUR RAFT WRITING ON THE BLOG!!!!! You need to write it on paper and turn it in.



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Participation points

08 Oct

Please pay attention. Starting today, you will get participation points for writing on the blog. It's an ALL OR NOTHING kinda deal.

5 points if you do, (0) ZERO points if you don't!!!!

Have fun with it!!! you guys are doing great.

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Lesson 4: Introduction to Ayn Rand (Monday, October 8)

08 Oct

In class:
"C" Vocab list
Ayn Rand prezi

For homework, read chapers 7 through 9. Be sure hand out from the class lecture is completed. There is a link to the sheet if you have lost it. The prezi is also available to help you complete it.

Read chapters 7 through 9
Blog comment: Write a letter/poem to another 9th grader stating why you believe Rand wrote the book. Use what you know from the book and the presentation. Minimum of 2 paragraphs. Each paragraph should have about 3-5 sentences. Be creative! This is due by Wednesday (Oct 10)



In class guided notes
note diagram





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Lesson 3: Theme

05 Oct

Today (Friday Oct, 5) we handed in our Animal Farm essays. NO MORE FARM!!!! There was a vocab quiz.

After the quiz, we got into four groups to discuss the themes of the book.


Jigsaw Reading 1)
ch 1, pg 21

Jigsaw reading 2)
ch 1, pg 19

Jigsaw reading 3)
ch 1, pg 22

Jigsaw reading 4)
ch 5, pg 61

Use these passages to complete the worksheet I handed out in class on Thursday. I recommend you write down page numbers for furture reference.

For homework:

Read the introduction to Anthem.

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YouTube video from the itroduction

05 Oct

In case you wanted to see the video again, here it is.

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