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At Liberty, we are always seeking ways to best educate, reach, and support our students. In an effort to inform our systems, we need your help! This survey zeroes in on three areas: Student Determination, Student Belonging, and Student Empowerment. We believe that as a school community (students, staff, and parents) we can impact all three of these areas.

Please read the statements below carefully and select the most appropriate response as it relates to you.

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The advanced robotics class was assigned a top secret mission from NASA that included recovering the broken pieces from a fallen satellite, NEMO. NEMO had crashed into Mars on a routine mission while orbitting planet Mars. Now it was up to our engineers to design and build a rover that could navigate unexplored terrain. 

Below are two rovers that students built. The rovers needed to be able to carry an Iphone so that we could facetime and connect to home base (aka our classroom) to the rover on Mars (aka the classroom next door). The rovers needed to be built to  withstand tough terrain (see image of "Mars" below) while also having a arm mechanism that could serve to pick up the pieces of NEMO. On top of those challenges, the mission would be completed at night, so that means the rovers needed to have a flash light attachment to guide their exploration. It was a fun challenge and the students saved NEMO!

rover1rover 2"MARS"

marsMr. Gillispie's Rover Mission against the Evil Kitten


Lego Mindstorm EV3