June 26th


6-26- 2017 Match Results:  Columbia River 172  Camas 173  Tri-Mountain par 37

Today's match was a squeeker with River coming out on top by a single stroke.

Col. River 39, 40, 46, 47, 54, 58

Camas:  Connor 41, Owen 41, James 45, Andrew 46, Haruki 47, Caleb 47


Summer Match:         Columbia River H.S. Monday, June 26th @ Tri-Mountain @ 3:00.


The team will be taking a school van from the Doc Harris parking lot @ 1:00 with a return of around 7:00. 

There will be a $6.00 greens fee per player, and I am looking to take a mix of returning and new to the program players.

This 9 hole match will be limited to 6 players and if you are interested, get back to Coach Givens.

Summer Practices

Parents & Players, Today, we had a nice showing for the first CHS 2017 Summer boy's golf practice. It is always encouraging to see new players with their talent and enthusiasm turning out for the team.

Reminder:  In order to come to a Summer CHS boy's golf practice, you will need to be cleared with the cHS Athletics office.

The next practice will be on Monday, June 19th @ Camas Meadows from 4:30 -6:00. 

The Monday, June 26th event is still in the works; I am looking to put together a match with another school or a team outing starting around noon. 

Last years players that need to be cleared for this Summer and next season: James, Gage, Ethan, & Matt. 

Coach Givens

June 6th meeting for all returning and new to the program players


On June 6th there will be a 6:30-7:30 meeting @ the Camas High School PE meeting room located off the upstairs track in the gym.  This short meeting for returning and incoming players will go over the teams summer practice times, local junior events, the August 21, 22, 23 try-out program, and an overview of the coming season.

If you are going to be involved in June-July golf with the CHS Boy's golf summer team , you will need to have yourself cleared with the High School athletics office.  Without the CHS clearance you will be left in the cold and will not be able to be involved in practices or matches.

This coming year CHS Athletics will be paperless.  You can find out all about the new system @ the CHS Athletic website.

Coach Givens

Spring Practice Schedule

 The Spring season is an optional opportunity for the 2016 Fall CHS players to work on their game.

Most nights will be on the range practices with the exceptions of 5-4, 5-8, and 5-10 which will be on the course nights.

4-26   Quail Valley Leave Doc. Harris 7:30 Return Doc. Harris 6:00-7:00

4-27  Range tokens 3:30-4:30

5-1   Range Tokens 3:30-4:30

5-2  Range Tokens 3:30-4:30

5-3  No practice

5-4 Tee Times 3:00, 3:10, 3:20

5-8 Tee Times 3:00, 3:10, 3:20

5-9  Range tokens 3:30- 4:30

5-10  Camas Invite Tournament  Tee times start @ 2:00

5-11 to 5-24  Post Season players only.  The rest of the team will be on their own

Camas Invite Tournament May 10th.

On May 10th CHS will host the annual Boy's Invite Golf Tournament starting @ 2:00 @ Camas Meadows. This event is open to post season players and all of the other non seniors from the Fall team. The fee will $20 for the non-post season CHS golfers; payable at the CHS ASB window. Post-season players will be covered by CHS. 

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, April 25th @ Camas Meadows @ 3:30 to go over the Spring season.

Oregon 5a-6a Preview Tournament

The five players for the Oregon 5a-6a Preview Tournament will be Logan Miller, Adam Wourms, Connor Shira, Sam Thomas, Gage Clarkson, and Sean Murray. 

Tee Times:  10:00 Gage Clarkson, 10:08 Sam Thomas, 10:16 Connor Shira, 10:24 Adam Wourms, 10:32 Logan Miller, 11:20 Sean Murray

Wednesday, April 26:  Oregon 5a-6a Preview Tournament @ Quail Valley Brooks Oregon.  10:00 A.M. start  Leave Doc. Harris @ 7:30 A.M.   Return 5:30 P.M.

Quick Notes:

Because of coaching contact time limits, there will only be one practice before the 5a-6a Tournament.  This means those players signed up for the event will need to get their games in order on their own.

I will hand out Red Bags and Tournament shirts @ the first Spring practice on april 25th.   Practice will be from 3:15 to 4:30 @ Camas Meadows.

Lunch will be provided @ the course.

Oregon allows range finders.

Bi-District Monday, May15th

Bi-District will be @ Gold Mountain on Monday, May 15th.  In the past the boy's have played on the Olympic Course, while the girls go off on the Cascade side.  The tournament tee times are not out yet, but they will start around 9:00 A.M.

I have scheduled a CHS practice round @ 2:00 on Sunday, May 14th.   Leave Doc. Harris @ 9:30 on Sunday, Mat 14th. Return Doc Harris Monday, May 15 @ 6:00 P.M.  The players and coach will stay Sunday night in Bremerton.

Coach Givens

Important Spring 2017 Dates

Tuesday, April 25:   Team Meeting @ Camas Meadows 3:00.  I will be going over the Spring Tournaments and practice dates.  This meeting is only for this years post season and next years players not involved with a Spring sport @ CHS.

Wednesday, April 26:  Oregon 5a-6a Preview Tournament @ Quail Valley Brooks Oregon.  10:00 A.M. start  Leave Doc. Harris @ 7:30 A.M.  5 player team.  There is a flier that will be sent out through the CHS Athletics office to the returning lettermen that will need to be filled out and returned to the Athletics office by Spring Break. From there the team of 5 will be picked; Logan and Adam are already in.

I will post the rest of the schedule after Spring Break.

Coach Givens

Awards Night Information

End of the Season Boy’s Golf  Meeting/Gathering

Logan Miller, Trevor Gjerswold, Sean Murray, Adam Wourms, Sam Thomas, Matthew Cannon, Hayden Hunsaker, Will lattanzi, James Lee, Connor Shira, Haruki Takada, Ryan Behnke, Andrew Kwon, Derek Harker, Ethan Aton, and Gage Clarkson

This year we will be having our season ending event @ the home of Gregg and Barb Gjerswold on Wednesday, October 26th starting @ 7:00.  They were also the host of the teams Friday night team dinner.  4803 NW 16 Circle, Camas  
This meeting will be a dessert event and if you could bring something small to be shared, it would be appreciated.
The Gjerswold family will supply the plates, utensils, and drinks.

The main focus of the meeting will be the awarding of the team and individual awards.

At this meeting I will also be reviewing the Fall season, and going over the important pieces of the Spring post season regarding practices, tournaments, and the details of the Bi-District and State Tournament.  I will also touch on the team’s Summer program and the schedule for next year.

If you still have a Camas High School golf bag or golf shirt, be sure to bring it along to clear your account.

Coach Givens  Cell 360 909 9209  ed.givens@camas.wednet.edu
Gregg and Barb Gjerswold 834-2662 ggjerswold@yahoo.com