11/10-11/14 iQ

LT- Students will define credit card terminology

LT- Assess advantages and disadvantages using credit cards

LT- Read and analyze credit card

Monday- Stduents complete Credit Card Offer Scavanger Hunt assignment and read Understanding 

11/16-11/20 FSA

Monday- 1/2 class works on PowerPoint Presentation for for Star Crossed Lovers other group works with Ms. Farrell on math

Tuesday- 1/2 class works on PowerPoint to prepare for presentations on Wednesday

Wednesday- Late Start no class

Thursday – Students will present their PowerPoints during FSA

Friday- Finish LInes

11/16-11/20 Marketing

Monday- Role Play Scenario

Tuesday- Reading 


11/10-11/14 iQ

Monday- Students will work on Excel

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- iQ Closed- Whole class activity on Money Creation 

Students learn how banks create money by loaning it

Thursday- No School Snow Day

Friday- Students work on Excel


11/10-11/14 Marketing

Monday- Knowing Your Options reading and notes due Friday and Role Play Rubric

Students will take role play sheet and score past role plays rating them based on each competency.  STudents then need to reflect on goals and or things that they can do to make their score stay the same or improve.

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- Pre-test questions due Friday

Thursday- No School Snow Day

Friday- Class time to complete pre-test questions



FSA- 11/10-11/14

Students will apply the skills they have learned with PowerPoint and complete a presentation.

Star Crossed Lovers PowerPoint

directions Star Crossed Lovers PPT

11/2-11/7 iQ

Monday- Work on Excel in Career Center

Tuesday-Ascent of Money in room 104

Wednesday- Ascent of Money in room 104

Thursday- Ascent of Money in room 104

Friday- TBD

11/3-11/7 FSA

LT- Students will be able to apply various visual elements to a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Insert pictures
  • Word Art
  • Change themes
  • Change background
  • Adjust contrast
  • Add borders
  • Resize graphic

Black group with Mrs. Farrell/Coyle

Tuesday- Black group will work on Chapter 3 PowerPoint with Mrs. Downs

Red group will work with Mrs. Farrell/Coyle

Wednesday- Red group with Mrs. Downs working on Chapter 3 PowerPoint

Black group with Mrs. Farrell/Coyle

Thursday- Black group with Mrs. Downs working on Chapter 3 PowerPoint

Red group with Mrs. Farrell/Coyle

11/3-11/7 Marketing

Learning Target- Students will demonstrate their understanding of the importance of branding by creating and marketing their own salsa brand.

Monday- Practice test on Mix & Match

Tuesday- Mix and Match Test

Wednesday- Teams will work on Salsa Project

Thursday- Teams will work on Salsa Project

Friday- Salsa Project

10/27-10/31 iQ Financial Services

Branch Staffing

A: Jordan, Madi, Alec
B: Nathan, Frankie, Marianna


Monday- Work on Excel 

Tuesday- Friday

Students will watch the PBS series of "The Ascent of Money" to learn about the history of banking. Students will take notes.