Suitcase Biographies: 

First, have you been to the Biography in Context site through either Fort Vancouver or Camas Public Library? Biography in Context was demonstrated in class: Fort Vancouver Regional Library  and Camas Public Library All you need is a library card. Use it at home or have Ms. Pappas help you at school. Scroll down to Biography in Context. Click to open it, then put in your CPL card number.

At the FVRL site look to the left side and click on the button that says RESEARCH DATABASES. Then put in your FVRL card number.


  • Jockbio-It's all here, all the jocks and their stories and stats.
  • (Internet Movie Database) is great for anyone in the entertainment business
  • Biography Center: This site lets you make choices. It is arranged alphabetically by last name.
  • Information Please: BIOGRAPHY-Great directory. This site has a bunch of cool stuff happening.
  • Ask Art: This is a database of artists.


Biography in Context Also, Fort Vancouver Regional Library  and Camas Public Library has the which is AMAZING! All you need is a library card. Use it at home or have Ms. Pappas help you at school.




Native Americans Research:

Here is a list of links to help you with some of the Native American tribes.

  • Native Languages: Learn about the people, language and history. The site isn't "pretty" but it is chock full of good information. Find the tribal name and follow the links. Some are more complete than others, but it is a good directory.
  • EveryCulture is a site with some great information on some tribal nations. Yours might be among them. Take a look.
  • 500 Nations-Great contact information for Native American nations across the country.



Japanese Internment Research Resources: