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Constitutional Debates

The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.
—George Washington


General Constitution


Constitution Center

This site is an Interactive version of the U.S.Constitution complete with links to everything within the Constitution.


Landmark Supreme Court Cases with students


Exploring Constitutional Law

Everything to explain everything. This site has loads of info and links on all the topics.



Everyone should use this site! It has everything. It does like want an email for registration, but it's worth it.  


First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University 

Great news and links to current issues regarding First Amendment issues.


The United States Constitution from Cornell University

Links to every part of the Constitution.


ACLU-American Civil Liberties Union

National organization advocating individual rights, by litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting This site covers many diverse topics.  Student speech section includes dress code, uniforms, and student publications.  Other topics include search and seizure and drug testing, the death penalty. Scroll all the way down on the main page and look for your topic. 



Exploring Constitutional Law

A site with information on due process rights of people, student searches, Bill of Rights overview, freedom of speech, and much more.  Scroll down and find your topic.



Capital Punishment Websites


The Death Penalty PBS

Great background information on death penalty legislation and history, 



Death Penalty Information Center

This site has everything related to the Death Penalty. It has a database and up-to-date, state by state, information.


Clark County Death Penalty Issues plus additional links. There are 1000+ links on this site.


Chicago-Kent College of Law Court Cases:

Furman v. Georgia Court Case plus others.  


Almanac of Policy Issues: Death Penalty



Gun Control


For Safety Repeal All gun laws

An article.

Handgun Control Debate

This is another overview. 


Policy Almanac




(National Rifle Association)


The Truth About Gun Control and the Second Amendment: A brief and narrow, myth versus fact presentation of the gun control debate.





Polk County School District uniform lawsuit. Go to ‘Uniform Lawsuit’ link to find case notes.

Note: There are many stakeholder opinions throughout other links on this site.


Do Uniforms Make Better Students? 

Maybe yes, maybe no. This article presents both sides of the debate. Also covers the difference between dress codes and uniforms, and the legal implications of both.


Public School Uniform Debate

An article presenting both sides of the argument, leaning toward favoring uniforms.


School Uniforms, Dress Codes and Book Bags

National School Safety and Security weighs in with how uniforms improve school climate, including reducing violence and other crime.


School Uniforms: Not Just for Catholics Anymore

"Public schools are discovering that uniforms send the message that a school is a workplace." This piece suggests that students suck it up and wear 'em.


Student Dress Codes

This article quotes court cases that uphold student dress as protected free speech, and that clearly describe what clothing is not protected

Tinker v. Des Moines

Full text of the decision of the Supreme Court. A seminal case in the "school dress code" debate.

Dress Codes

The First Amendment Center points out legal precedent where students' First Amendment rights trump efforts to control what they wear.


Search and Seizure in Schools 

Exploring Constitutional Conflicts

When do searches or drug tests of students in the public schools violate the 4th Amendment guarantee against unreasonable searches?

New Jersey v. T.L.O.

This is the court case.
469 U.S. 325
January 15, 1985, Decided

Search and Seizure and Due Process in Schools
An excellent overview of the issues.

Search and Seizure Issues

This is from the University of Missouri Dept. of Education. 

An ACLU press release of a lawsuit where students were illegally searched.

Surveillance in Schools: Safety vs. Personal Privacy


Locker Searches

Superior overview of the issues.


Mandatory Drug Testing and Schools


Recent Press Release

This press release is perfect and about a U.S. Supreme Court decision. Critics Say Drug Testing for Participation in Extracurricular Activities Violates 4th Amendment Rights: Doctors, Teachers, Child Advocates and Drug Treatment Providers Say Policy Would Cause More Harm than Good


ACLU and Random Drug Testing

A drug testing gold mine containing many press releases and articles of various court proceedings relating to school drug testing policies across the country.  Also contains resource pages, statistics, and legal documents on the issue.


National Institute on Drug Abuse

An FAQ about drug testing. Scroll down and notice the information relevant to student drug testing.


British Journal of General Practice

Random drug testing in schools.


Parents and Expert Divided on Drug Testing

MSNBC article on the sides of drug testing in schools.


Drug Testing in Schools

An excellent site for the issues. 


Student Communication

Surveillance in Schools: Safety vs. Personal Privacy

An introduction to the issues of safety and privacy.

Freedom of Speech rights and students

An overview of Freedom of Speech issues.

eNotes and Student Communication

This is the perfect place for info and quotes.

Student Suspended for Calling a Teacher…

What an article about Facebook!

Facebook Gripes Suspended…

CNN report about Facebook and Freedom of Speech

Facbook poses problems for schools…

This is an article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution which is a newspaper. Be sure to keep your eyes on the article, not the comments.

The First Amendment Implications of Facebook and other Social Media

This article is from lawyer Brandon James Hoover writing for the Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal. It's a PDF and lengthy. It is also available for checkout on the cart. 

Student's Facebook Tirade Protected: Wired Magazine

An article which first appeared in WIRED magazine about Facebook and Free Speech.

Freedom of Expression in Schools

What's okay and what isn't?