The resource links provided here are for use with writing Civil War letter writing. Using these links will help you build authenticity when writing your letters. These are some of my favorite because they are reliable, trustworthy and true.

Caution: These links may inspire you.

Welcome to the LOC or Library of Congress site. This is a link to one branch which deals with some resources about the American Civil War.

LOC Timeline of Civil War

LOC Themed Sets of Resources

The Smithsonian is amazing too! Smithsonian Institution Resources are phenomenal!

Soldiers and Sailors Database

Confronting Slavery

Other sites: 

Gateway to resources at

Saving America's Civil War Trust is a site 

Feeling overwhelmed already? How about a quick FAQ to review some of the issues.

National Archives-There's loads to this site, so delve deep and see what suits your needs.

Museum of the Confederacy

Faces of the Civil War: Literally, this is a site with photographs.

Civil War Resources from Virginia Military Institute

Blue and Gray Daily Civil War Interactive

Great American History-Numerous links, look for Civil War

Civil War Tech (12 minute video from The History Channel) 

Death Toll during the CIvil War

Medicine in the Civil War (one article)

Civil War Medicine Site

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Language and Dialect

Need to build you language and vocabulary of the time? This is part of the former site and it's a glossary of terms which will help build your language. 

Dilect Dictionary

Definitions of Civil War Terms

Civil War Slang-This is a PDF.


Day in the Life Of: Daily Life in various careers, occupations and posts

Military Life

Civil War Soldier

Civil War Diary of Alice Williamson-16 year old

Life on a Southern Plantation


Primary Sources 

Harper's Weekly Original Civil War Newspapers (7000 pages of primary sources).

Primary Sources

More Primary Sources which include actual diaries and journals.

This site isn't pretty, but there are some practical primary source documents here. 

Original Military Records-Fold3

Valley of the Shadow-Two communities in the American Civil War