Loan Periods: Students may check out 5 books for 3 weeks. Graphic novels are 2 books for 1 week because they are faster to read. 

Renew: Students may renew any book for another three weeks, unless there is a hold on the item. If there is a hold on the book the student will be told about the hold and encouraged to return the book within a week so another student may get a turn. 

Overdues: It is expected that students will care for the books they borrow, renew them when necessary and return them in a timely manner so that others may borrow them.

•   Overdue notices are a thing of the past. Students have access to their Destiny accounts 24/7 so it is their job to view their account and keep it up-to-date. If a student has books overdue for more than two weeks, we reserve the right to suspend borrowing privileges, or limit the number of books checked out at any one time.  When library books are not returned, they are considered lost and students are charged for their replacement. The charge may appear on their Skyward account.

  • Graphic novels, Manga and Comics are checked out for one week. Limit of 2 since these titles are quick to read. As it says up above. 
  • Students can login to their Destiny accounts with their firstname.lastname; the password is s******s. 

Lost and Damaged Books: Students are expected to take care of any lost book obligations at the end of each trimester. When students pay for a lost or damaged book it is replaced by the same or a comparable book when possible.


If books are damaged beyond use, students will be responsible for replacement cost. If pages are torn while a book is in a students care, we ask that the book be returned, so that we may repair it. We make every effort to teach students about proper book care but we understand that accidents do happen.