Where does the time go? It has been five years since the first March Madness bracket I created. I remember thinking two things at the same time… I should wait and I should just do it. In 2013 with a vague understanding of brackets and a vast understanding of books, I started out of the court of no return and gave it a try. I'm not exaggerating when I say, it was instant success. I'd never witnessed anything like it before. Kids loved it! My first bracket was vastly different that this year's.











It shows how much I've learned about the game of basketball and how to apply it to reading and book promotion. There's no going back. I absolutely love it how Book March Madness has evolved. A student thanked me at lunch a few days ago and said he took his brackets to the bookstore because he wanted to buy some of the books. How cool is that?

A good book is a slam dunk. Everyone wants to read it. One of the things I've noticed is that students use the book review data to help guide their decision about what books they want to read next. Also, I can never predict what's going to happen. All votes are recorded on a form submitted through Google Drive and voila, I post the date. It's always a surprise. 

2013: Wonder

2014: Divergent

2015:The One and Only Ivan

2016: Maze Runner

2017: To Be Determined

The data for the books on the brackets comes from our library circulation program. I print out reports every few weeks and watch what's being checked out and which titles have the most holds. That data is used to create a list of books within genres to ultimately be used for the brackets. I promote and so do the students. It's a community of reading and even if students don't know every book on the bracket, they start to see which books their friends are reading and often that's the best recommendation.

March is infinitely more fun when you're in the madness.

Happy reading!