I made a resolution to read 55 books last year and I beat that! I read 61 books. It was a great year for reading! Follow me on Goodreads if you want to know what I've read recently! I love setting reading resolutions because I love reading. My goal this year is 65 books, up 10 over 2016,  and I'd like to read at least one nonfiction book each month. Follow me and see for yourself. One year I made a recolution to read from the western genre. The book True Grit had been made into a movie and I was stunned that I hadn't read many (if any) actual westerns. There are no rules about reading resolutions except that it's good to touch base and find a way to keep track of your reading for the year. I like to do that with Goodreads, but some people track their reading with a list they make. 

You're in change of your reading, so if you want to be a better reader, you need to exercise that reading muscle and read. In this post, I included an image you might find helpful. Or stop by the LMC and pick up one of the reading challenges.

Happy Reading,

Ms. Pappas