CHS SO Alumni Reunion Dec. 20 2012

What: First Annual CHS Science Olympiad Alumni Reunio

When: Tuesday December 20,  doors open 10am to 10p

Where: CHS rooms 506/507/508 and Lacamas portable 502 (our clubhouse) Park either back by the portables on CHS Campus or in the small parking lot by the clubhouse.  See link to Google map for both entrances:

Who: all current and former CHS SO team members

Why: to promote us all being together … to hear the best stories (and lies) from the “early days” … to hear what is currently happening …. To motivate current team members to do their best …. To share in the glory of past accomplishments and future hopes …  to have fun. 


Come meet our Science Olympiad Alumni and Current Team Members – check out what the “old folks”  REALLY think of college life. 

CHS Science Olympiad is hosting our First Annual  Holiday Reunion Party on December 20th in the MST rooms (Mr. Moller, Mr. Wright, and Mrs. Dean’s rooms).  Invited are all current and former CHS Science Olympiad team members, all current and former MST Magnet students, and any of their parents, and current and former CHS MST staff and current and former CHS SO staff.  There will be tons of people and activities, and the potluck starts at 5pm so bring some food to share!! Here is the schedule:

10am to noon – Current team members in study and build mode working on their events, SO alumni invited to help out, advise, kibbutz, encourage or kick butt.  All-team robot build this morning. 

Noon to 1pm – potluck lunch, bring something to share, Alumni, Current, and coaches and parents

1pm to 3pm – continue morning study sessions

4pm to 5pm – change gears … prepare for even more folks

4pm to 10pm – Anyone associated with CHS MST Magnet or CHS Science Olympiad is welcome.  There is no permission form for this activity, thus each person is expected to represent Camas well …  more clearly stated: each person is responsible for when they come or go and their own behavior. 

5pm – potluck – bring something to share.  food in Dean’s science prep room. 

6pm to 7:30pm – organized activities (participate or watch or do something else – your choice):

White Elephant gifting(See Deborah for details and organizing)

Science Bowl – alumni KB team (if willing) -vs- all comers (rumor has it there will be a parent team consisting of: Lou Bintz, Rick Grote, Ike Liao and a secret weapon or two) …. anyone else want to try to build a team to knock of the CHS champion KB team? (See Evan for details and organizing)

“Friendly” S.O. event competitions: Fermi Questions, WIDI, Experimental Design, Straw Rockets, Picture This, Robot Arm, Laser Relay – there will be one or more SO alumni teams, current SO teams, at least one parent team, and hopefully one MST non-SO team (See Joanna for details and organizing)

?? What else?? – ??

7:30pm to 10pm – more activities: movies, less structured, suggestions?  etc.

Movie in Deans Room: ?? Finding Nemo???

Movie in Moller’s room:  ??Scooby-Do Where are You??  … “Chocolate Covered Dragons”??

Movie in Wright’s room:  ??Halo party?? 

Hope you can make it!

CHS SO teams for our Jan. 14 tourney

So folks, there will be  four teams representing CHS at our tourney on Jan. 14. 

Crimson = seniors and juniors and sophomores, min 12 folks, max 14, co-captains Jonathan and Evan, ccoach Stutz 

Scarlett = froshmores only, min 12 max 14, co-captains Jeehoon and Cierra, coach Dean

White = mixed group, froshmores/juniors/sophmores, min 10 max 13, co-captains Isabel and Erica, coach Fernald

Neon = mixed group, froshmores/sophmores/juniors, min 10, max 13, co-captains Eugene and Elliot, coach Chase

see team lists and events at

talk to your team captains to add or change events. 

talk to Wright to change teams

Site in Transition – 11/11/11

Dear Reader,


The sccope of this site is expanding from CHS SCience Olympiad right on through CHS after school science to CSD After School Science … why mess around with small steps?  It is a task in progress that should be mostly done within a week.  


Scope as currently conceived:


MS SO and SEF – if something useful can be done here

ESO and E-SEF – to support the wonderful elem staff if we can




This is our Camas School district After School Science Support Website.  On this site you will find info for Science Olympiad and Science and Engineering Fair, and other ites as we grow our program support.  


Ths site is in transition.  


New to Science Olympiad?  Visit the national site with this link to learn all about it, and the get an overview of the current events.


Washington State Science Olympiad link – tournament dates, unified schedule, etc.  


Visit this google maps link to locate Camas High School and the varioius entrances and our clubhouse location.