English 10, Tuesday, June 18

Thanks for the great year!  Have a great summer!

final exam:  9:45-11:30

  1. take out your notebook, copy of The Pearl, and Pearl quotes assignment
  2. I will come around and pick up your notebook to grade during the final, and return it to you
  3. complete the final essay and turn it in
  4. turn in your copy of The Pearl
  5. when you are done you may listen to music quietly

Final grading:

  • prewriting 25 pts.
  • shaping 75 pts.
  • essay 200 pts. (see scoring quide)

Japanese I, Monday, June 17

Thank you for the great year in Japanese I.  You are all wonderful students!  Have a great summer.

  1. you will get and anwer sheet to write on – write your name and either test A or B (depending on which you take)
  2. you may not leave the room while you're taking the final
  3. during the final I will grade your notebook if I haven't already
  4. when you are done you may listen to music quietly
  5. you must be quiet until everyone is done
  6. you may not leave until the final period is over
  7. please lake your fish and nengajo

Japanese II, Friday, June 14

Thank you wonderful class! 

It's been a great year.

  1. Please spread out around the room so you are not sitting next to anyone.
  2. turn in your textbook
  3. you may not leave the room during the final
  4. when you are done you may listen to music
  5. last chance for make up work
  6. please take your fish and nengajo
  7. have a great summer!!!

English 10, Wednesday, June 12

LT:  I can learn more about the music and symbols of The Pearl.

  1. LT in notebook
  2. presentations
  3. prep for final essay
  4. check board for missing book list
  5. final notebook check will be during the final


  1. Rachel & Candra
  2. Hannah
  3. Ben
  4. Trent & Alex & Josh
  5. Julio & Jon


  1. Grant & Steven
  2. Isaac
  3. Shane & Matt
  4. Lucas & Jake
  5. Sabrina & Tamara