Friday 5/30/14

Sexual Assult / Healthy v. Unhealthy relationships

Sexuality test review – Test Monday

Thursday 5.29.14

Abstinence and Birth Control

What BC methods are most effective

Do I need a doctors rx?

Can I get any of these over the counter?

Whats the best way to avoid pregnancy and STI's – Abstinence

Wednesday 5/28/14

HIV conclusion/ start Abstinence

Truth about sex

Tuesday 5/27/14

HIV/AIDS section.

AIDS quiz, what do you already know, what did you learn today?


Friday 5/23/14

STI's: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, syphillis, Treatable

Genital Herpes, warts, and HIV – non-treatable.

Graphic images on this slideshow.  

Thursday 5/22/14

Finish up Girl Talk/Guy talk discussions

Sexual Pressures – Be assertive, Stand up for your decisions.

Pressure lines you are sure to hear eventaully. How will you respond?


Start S.T.I section


Wednesday 5/21/14

Female/Male anatomy

Girl talk with Mrs. WIlliamns, and Guy talk with Mr Corse.



5/20/14 Tuesday


Who's Brain is it worksheet.

Finish "In the womb" video – starting at 26 min, then ffw to 1:00 mark to the end of video, 


Monday 5/19/14

Sexuality packet hand out.  

Understanding that Males/Females are different

Physical, Hormonal, developmental.  

Start In the Womb video (26 mins)

5/16/14 Friday

Start the discussion of Dating and Love language. Find out what love language you are and how communicating in your partners love language helps build a healthy relationship.  


Love language survey handout