3/21 Performance Cancelled: Flu Information

Please read the attached document about the flu – this season is a nasty one!

Flu Info

About the cancellation:

We have had quite a few cast and crew members fall ill this week to the flu. As a precaution against making things worse, I have cancelled the performance for Thursday, March 21. The plan is to perform tomorrow, Friday the 22nd – hopefully with the full cast in attendance.

A friendly reminder: do not share food or drink, wash hands regularly, monitor your health.

While this is a setback, I want us to focus on the next performance, not the loss of this one. Our audiences want and deserve to see our best, and we can do that better if we are rested and healthy! Make sure you are taking advantage of this bonus day off to rest, hydrate, and focus on your health, and I will see you all at call time tomorrow!


Mr. Kelly


Revised Tech Schedule

After cancelling last night's rehearsal, I have reviewed and revised our tech schedule for the next couple of days. I have had to add an hour to both Thursday and Friday's evening schedule to hopefully avoid a Saturday rehearsal, as ther are many who have conflicts with this.

I will be holding time on Saturday from 1:00-4:30 PM in case we need to use it. Please keep this time available!

Here is the plan:

Today: 3:30-10:00 PM

Friday: 3:30-10:00 PM

Saturday: 1:30-4:30 PM


Hunchback Info

Cast and Crew Info

Welcome to the production! I am incredibly excited to work with each of you to tell this story. Below is the information and documents pertinent to the production, Including our production calendar. Please check the blog regularly and be sure to sign up for Remind updates. Remember that ALL DRESS AND TECH REHEARSALS ARE MANDATORY FOR THE ENTIRE CAST AND CREW (except house and makeup for the tech rehearsals).


Scene Matrix

Daily Schedule for the Week

Cast and Crew T-Shirt Names And Dietary Restrictions

Rehearsal Tracks

Here are the instructions to access the rehearsal tracks for the show. To access this link, YOU MUST LOG IN WITH YOUR SCHOOL GOOGLE ACCOUNT. I will not approve other accounts.

Rehearsal Tracks

Other Info

Bio Document  – This is where you write your bio for the program. Please make sure your first and last name are spelled correctly. There is a 140 character limit.

Hunchback Bios

This is the rehearsal agreement required to accept your role. Please turn in by Friday, 1/10/19.

Rehearsal Agreement

Please use this link to join the Remind for rehearsal updates and important communication from Mr. Kelly and the production staff.

Join Remind

Here is a copy of the Program Ad form. Everyone is expected to sell one ad for the program to pay for the printing costs. The deadline will be available soon.

Program Ad Form

Movement video for Gargoyles and Statues:

Movement Video

Line Notes-Please look over this document to see what lines need to be worked on.

Line notes

Hunchback Cast and Crew List

I don't have much brain power left, but we weere so impressed. This was avery difficult series of decisions – nice job making it tough for us.

I am so proud of all of you and your generosity and courage in this process. Thanks for playing with us.

First read-through is tomorrow at 3:30 in the theater. It will be a long-ish rehearsal, ending around 6:30-7:00.


Cast And Crew List

Hunchback Callbacks

I gotta say: so impressed by the crazy tumbling, juggling, magic, and other amazing talents I saw tonight. Thank you all for heeding the advice and having FUN with it!!

Callbacks will be limited to a few roles, and I have attached the reading matrix for you to preview. I typically don't do this, but it might be valuable to you to see with whom you will be reading. If you are not on this list, it does NOT mean you haven't been cast. Please stay tuned for the final cast list posting tomorrow evening after callbacks.

Thank you!!


Reading Matrix

Chloe H
Wyatt H
Sidney M
Andrew W
Lexi C
Skylar D
Camille M
Josh J
Matt H
Danika V
Clayton L
Genesis M
Jackson L
Zach S
Catherine G
Tommy B
Declan M
Ads G
Isabella K
Jacob L
Merritt B
Tommy B
Mandy H
Fiona S
Kiana W
Lili I
Grace I
Deanne A

Hunchback Audition Info

It's HERE!

The long-awaited Hunchback Audition Info Post!!!


Open Call Acting and Vocal Auditions will begin at 3:30 PM on Monday, January 7 in the theater.

Open Call Dance Auditions will begin at 3:30 PM Tuesday, January 8 in the theater. Note: We will consider casting DANCE ONLY parts for this show.

Callbacks will begin at 3:30 on Wednesday, January 9 in the theater.


Sorry about the incredibly late posting, but our materials won't even be here until Tuesday at the EARLIEST. So, we have had to improvise to get you this. Thus, there is no accompaniment in this music, as it is taken straight from the Libretto. As for accompaniment at the audition, we will update you as soon as we have a plan.

PLEASE BRING YOUR TALENTS!! Can you juggle? Can you ride a unicycle? Can you "firedance" (NO FIRE ALLOWED!)? Can you do hula tricks? Can you tumble/do gymnastics? Handstands? Contortionism? Magic tricks? (no card tricks) WE WANT TO SEE IT! Bring whatever you want to show us on TUESDAY'S DANCE AUDITION.

You will be preparing the opening song: The Bells of Notre Dame. PRACTICE, but DON'T MEMORIZE. Memorization will be expected after casting, but not at this time. We just want to hear your voices.

Pronunciation guide: Jehan (with a soft "J" sound) (zhay-AHN) Frollo: (FROH-loh) Notre Dame: (NOH-truh DAHM)

As for the text, choose any one piece of text from those on the sheet linked below.  For music please prepare both pieces. The accompaniment is the whole 6-part opening and I don't have markers for you, except to say that Music 1 is at the beginning of the track. Music 2 is Part 2 (as it says in the music). Good luck :)

Text Sides

Music 1

Music 2

YouTube Karaoke Accompaniment

Important Notes:

There has been a very active culture of anxiety, rumor-mongering, "fantasy-casting", and some other fairly unhealthy patterns in the lead-up to this show. My hope is to leave all of that behind, and just enjoy the process. So, here are some reminders and tips, to clear up that anxiety that can bring you down about something that should be fun.

1. Audition for the SHOW. Not for a ROLE. Audition for the SHOW, and you will be grateful for anything you get and have a ton of fun. Audition for a ROLE and you set yourself up for major disappointment and bitterness – and that spreads fast in an ensemble.

2. We are on your side. We want you to be your best. Come ready to perform and have fun; let us worry about casting.

3. In spite of rumors, NOTHING HAS BEEN PRE-CAST. My casting policy is to always CAST THE BEST PERSON FOR THE ROLE. I only know that after seeing you audition. I can see who works the hardest in these shows, and I am ALWAYS surprised by some new talent.

4. We don't do this for awards, attention, applause, or admiration. We tell stories for our audience. Forget about 5th Avenue. Just tell the story and have fun.

See a pattern? I love this art form. I love this show. I love this department. I love all the students who want to be involved in it. So come audition for this big, beautiful, exciting show, and let's have fun creating it together. If you set your mind right before you walk in the door, you cannot help but have fun with it. Break a leg, guys. We're rooting for ya!

~Mr. Kelly and the Production Staff