Rehearsal Program

Rehearsal Music

Below is a link to a Google doc with the info for activating RMS Coach so you can rehearse music on your own time. Go to: to download the program, then follow the instructions in the document to activate the program.


With as much rehearsal as we have missed, YOU WILL NEED TO REHEARSE ON YOUR OWN TIME. It will be painfully obvious if you do not.


Have fun :)

Schedule Updates

Winter stinks.

Y'all know how I feel about it already, but now you see why, haha! So, what can we do about it?

1. Go over your scripts. If you are a principal, you have a text: use it. You should be studying it and learning your lines already so when we do finally get back into the swing of this show, you are not behind.

2. Listen to the music. The link is in the celly message I sent earlier. Fun fact: There is also a PDF of the script in there for ensemble members. READ IT.

3. Be prepared for some intense rehearsal make-up. We have a lot of work to do. This may mean meeting later than we planned, and having rehearsal on days we hadn't anticipated
(such as Saturday afternoons). Please be flexible – this isn't my favorite option either, but we have a show to do!

4. SELL PROGRAM ADS. This and word-of-mouth/social media are the only tools we have at our disposal to publicize our show. IT IS UP TO YOU!

4. There will be a Waltz Clinic added to the calendar for this Saturday from 12-2 PM.


For those of you in my classes: Theatre night will be rescheduled to a date TBD. Please refer to this blog for information.


More info will be made available as we know it. Stay Warm!!!

Cinderella Rehearsal Info

General Info


This is VERY important for you to receive updates and info. If you haven't done so, do this now!

Schedule Info:




Below is some cast info that will be important for YOU to keep track of. This includes a list of what characters you will be playing, what scenes they are in, what scenes we will be rehearsing on which days, and who you will play in each scene. Because of the complexity (many actors play 2-3 different characters), there are two charts and a separate calendar. 

Cinderella Calendar

This Calendar shows the dates/times for rehearsals through opening. Make sure you look for your conflicts and list them in detail (Date, time, reason) on your rehearsal agreements. See the Description section of each entry to see details on these rehearsals. For an exaample, look at the rehearsal for Wednesday, January 10. This calendar will be updated often, so check in EVERY DAY.

Rehearsal Agreements are due WEDNESDAY, JAN. 10.

Cinderella Call Sheet

This document shows what Days each Actor is called for. Each day is associated with a Section/color that indicates which scenes will be rehearsed that day. An "x" means you are called for that section. "(x) Brief" means you have a short entrance that will be staged later in the process.


  • Monday: Purple
  • Tuesday: Blue
  • Wednesday Pink
  • Thursday: Yellow
  • Friday: Green

You are called for BOOK SCENES on these days. DANCE and MUSIC rehearsals are separate, and you will be called based on what Mr. Chessin or Jen have planned on those days. The MUSIC and DANCE times are posted in the google Calendar for Cinderella.

Cinderella Scene Matrix

You need to know what scenes your characters are in, but you also need to know which of your characters are in each scene. This chart shows the scenes in order and characters by group. Use this to figure out which character you are in each scene.

Cinderella Cast And Crew List


Congratulations to the cast and crew of Cinderella! This has been an incredibly challenging process – what a lot of very talented performers we have seen! This has truly been the most difficult casting process to date. Thank you all for your hard work and passion.


Our read-through for Saturday, January 7 has been cancelled.

Instead, we will be holding our first set Construction from 10-4 PM. Please enter through the back loading doors behind the school. Bring clothing appropriate for building set – no open-toe shoes. RSVP via the Cinderella group Celly (info below).


Cast Info Packet

Below are several documents you will need to download. One is a Rehearsal agreement – this is due signed on MONDAY at 3:00 PM. Be sure to share this with your parents.

Celly Info Password: impossible

Rehearsal Contract Cinderella

Cast List

Cinderella Callbacks

Listed below are the callbacks list for the dance callbacks (held on Friday) and the principal callbacks (held tomorrow). Everyone did an outstanding job and we thank everyone who came and auditioned. Remember, just because you are not called back does not mean you will not be casted into the show. We are so excited for these next two days of callbacks. Again, thank you!

Mr. Kelly and Mr. Chessin

Cinderella Music

Dance Callbacks


Alaya Mays

Alex Rediske

Allie Short

Amber Carlston

Annie Colvin

Athena DeWitt

Aubrey Johnson

Audrey Tehrani

Bree Mcclellan

Brittany Nugent

Brooke Moltrum

Camille Madrigal

Catherine Garcia

Chloe Higgins

Danika Vu

Deanne Armstrong

Gena Franco

Geneva Saxton

Grace Ireland

Isabel Berumen

Joanna Froehlich

Julia Watson

Kaitlin Beel

Katelyn Rediske

Laura Teames

Lindsey Leetham

Logan Sexton

Mackenzie Bakker

Maggie MacPherson

Mariah Willbanks

Mary Reed

Morgan Kielty

Nicki Short

Runzhi Zhou

Tara Larsen


Bryant Wilson

Clayton Lukens

Cody Hutton

Darin JeanBlanc

Elias Besen

Ewan Parker

Isaac Dizon

Jack Little

John Elder

Jonah Schmidt

Joseph Searight

Josh Rule

Justin Plumb

Malvin Harrison

Nathaniel Maszak

Omar Shafiuzzaman

Paul Geriltz

Ryan Mayfield

Skylar Derthick

Tanner O’Brien

Tristan Cameron

Ty Gouveia

Zach Shafer


Principal Callbacks

Catherine G
Brooke M.
Chloe H.
Morgan K.
Aubrey J.
Kaitlin B.
Alaya M.
Mariah W.
Geneva S.
Gena F.
Laura T.
Logan S.

John E.
Omar S.
Jonah S.
Clayton L.
Ryan M.
Elias B
Tristan C.
Darin JB
Skylar D.
Isaac D.
Tanner O.

2016-17 Season Rehearsal Calendars

An Actor Prepares…

…and so do directors, techies, and producers. With this philosophy in mind, I have made available the calendars for the entire 2016-17 CHS Drama Season, including the Fall Play: Twelfth Night, Senior-Directed One-Acts, and the Winter Musical: Cinderella. This is so many of you can prepare and schedule other priorities, and be aware of what is coming down the pipe. Details within these schedules will be published as we get closer to these events. I encourage anyone who is planning to be a part of these productions to add these calendars and review them for important dates.

Twelfth Night



2016 5th Avenue Nominations and Info!

The CHS production of Brigadoon brought in another round of 5th Avenue Theater Award nominations and Honorable Mentions including our THIRD nomination in the category of Outstanding Overall Production! And in individual categories our students represented with nominations for the categories of Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Featured Ensemble Role for Freshman Catherine Garcia and Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for Junior Brooke Moltrom as Fiona! Below is the list of all 13 categories in which our hard working students and directors earned recognition:


Nominations and Special Honors:

Outstanding Overall Production

Outstanding Music Direction – Ethan Chessin

Outstanding Orchestra – Richard Mancini and the CHS Band

Outstanding Lighting Design 

Outstanding Stage Crew – Sophia Shaffiuzzaman, Lily Haddan, and the Ninjas!

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role – Brooke Moltrom

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Featured Ensemble Role – Catherine Garcia

Special Honor: Student Achievement – Ellie Cook

Honorable Mentions:

Outstanding Direction 

Outstanding Scenic Design

Outstanding Hair and Makeup Design – Mishele Mays

Outstanding Performance by an Actor or Actress in a Non-Singing Role – Omar Shafiuzzamann

Outstanding Performance by a Chorus – Our AMAZING Chorus members!!


Rehearsals are marked on this calendar. Deadline for Fees is Friday @ 9:00 AM. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS.


Thank you for your continued support!