Laramie Rehearsal Info

UPDATE: We are using Gooogle Classroom instead of the hangout. The code is at the bottom of the post.

Hi everyone! Here are just a few reminders.

  • Sign up for the google classroom. PLEASE USE YOUR SCHOOL ACCOUNT. There I will be posting updates about rehearsals and any other info you may need to know.
  • Sign up for all your set constructions by Friday.
  • Have your parents SIGN the rehearsal agreement. Rehearsal agreements are to be turned in on Monday the 18th. 
  • Make sure your parents come to the parent meeting at 5:30 on Monday. Even if you have been involved with shows for years, the parent meetings are very important. We must be able to tell parents how things will go for this show in particular.

Thank you and hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


Google Classroom Code: i14fet

Cast and Crew List

I cannot believe the amazing heart I have seen today. I had to make some very, very difficult cuts that I did not wish to make. Please know that this has been one of the most incredible audition processes I have had the privilege to be a part of. I am so proud of all of you.

For those not on the list: this is not the end. Keep coming back and auditioning. Never give up.

Cast List:


Tech List:


Callback List

To all who auditioned:

I am humbled by your courage today. Thank you so much for coming out in force to be a part of this show. I am only disappointed that I could not call back everyone who attended – it was truly difficult paring it down to these few names.

Again, I encourage you to keep coming back – this is not the end for those who are not on the list. Again, just because you are not on the callback list, does not mean you are not in the show. The link below leads to the callback list. It is a google doc viewable from your school account. Callbacks begin at 3:00 PM. Please come prepared to work!

Thank you again, and I hope to see you all for the musical auditions in January!

The Laramie Project Audition Info

Hey Guys!

Welcome back! I hope you are all ready for another excellent theatre season. We begin with The Laramie Project. The calendar and audition sides are below. Auditions begin at 3:00 on Wednesday, Sept. 13 in the theater. Please arrive early to fill out an audition form, which will be available starting at 2:10 the day of auditions. Make sure you know your conflicts for the next 3 months!!!

The Laramie Project is a documentary Play.  This means that the style is going to be very naturalistic, and the characters must be performed with incredible honesty and compassion. I am looking for Honesty in performance for these auditions. Please do not over-prepare these. I DO NOT WANT THEM MEMORIZED. Just try to relax and be as honest as you can.

There are two male and two female sides, but you may select whichever side you wish, as some of the women play male roles. If you would like to show some versatility you may select the Greg Peirotti side, and show a physical transformation into the second character, Dt. Sgt. Hing. But, again: I'm looking for HONESTY.

Here are the sides for auditions: Laramie Sides

Her eis the Rehearsal Calendar: Calendar

Break a Leg, and we will see you on Wednesday!!!

2017 – 2018 Theatre Season Calendar

Quickly we are approaching this next school year, as well as The Laramie Project auditions! If you are planning to be a part of this production then be sure to add this calendar and review it. Sides for the show will be available soon. I hope all of you are as excited as I am for this show and the theatre season ahead of us! We have Laramie Project, One Acts, Little Shop of Horrors, Improv Night, and a Dance Showcase! Are you ready?

17/18 Theatre Season

Improv Night Cast

Rehearsals are April 18th and 20th from 3 – 4. Meet in front of the drama room and we will go to a location from there. April 21st is the performance, call time at 5 and 7 is the performance. Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Host: Ty











Upcoming Theatre Events

While I am afraid we will not be doing a third season show, there are always chances to somehow get involved with theatre. Get more involved with our community by attending local theatre events! Down below is a calendar that displays theatre events from local schools and events that alumni may be involved in. This calendar displays events for the rest of the school year. Don't forget that by attending these events you can also get extra credit in your drama class and you can also get Thespian's Society points!

Additional Theatre Events Calendar