Senior One Acts Cast List

A lot of hard decisions had to be made and we are very greatful to everyone who auditioned! Keep up the good work! 


Cast Lists:

The American Tropical (Amber):

Lexi C. – Evelyn

Danny R. – Sid

Genesis M. – Suzie


After Tonight (Omar):

Nate M.- Robert

Bryson C. – Ruth

Josh R. – Collin

Kenzie B. – Joan


Baby Tiger (Mariah):

Izzy R. – Morgan

Rhianna – Carol

Jake E. – Adam

Ty G. – Michael


Mental Reservation (Logan):

Clayton L.- HE (Billy)

Grace I. – SHE (Ellie)


Intuition (John):

Callum S. – Don

Chloe H. – Jackie

Skylar D. – Monty

Al S. – Mayor/Niko



Congratulations to all! Read throughs tomorrow at 3:00 pm in the Drama Room.




Laramie Rehearsal Info

UPDATE: We are using Gooogle Classroom instead of the hangout. The code is at the bottom of the post.

Hi everyone! Here are just a few reminders.

  • Sign up for the google classroom. PLEASE USE YOUR SCHOOL ACCOUNT. There I will be posting updates about rehearsals and any other info you may need to know.
  • Sign up for all your set constructions by Friday.
  • Have your parents SIGN the rehearsal agreement. Rehearsal agreements are to be turned in on Monday the 18th. 
  • Make sure your parents come to the parent meeting at 5:30 on Monday. Even if you have been involved with shows for years, the parent meetings are very important. We must be able to tell parents how things will go for this show in particular.

Thank you and hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


Google Classroom Code: i14fet

Cast and Crew List

I cannot believe the amazing heart I have seen today. I had to make some very, very difficult cuts that I did not wish to make. Please know that this has been one of the most incredible audition processes I have had the privilege to be a part of. I am so proud of all of you.

For those not on the list: this is not the end. Keep coming back and auditioning. Never give up.

Cast List:


Tech List: