The Jazz Bands

CHS has two jazz bands, called–much like Dr. Suess's "Things"–Jazz Band One and Jazz Band Two.  Jazz One is the more advanced group, while Jazz Two concentrates more on fundamentals.  Auditions for jazz band are held each spring in late May or early June for the following school year.

Jazz One typically performs at the CHS open house event in the fall, and both bands play in the commons during zero-hour during the last week of school before Christmas break.  They perform at each concert during the year in addition to a jazz-bands-only concert each May that includes the jazz bands from the Liberty and Skyridge middle schools.

Jazz One may also be asked to play for other gigs during the year as requested by the community; they have played for a church Mardi-Gras dinner (free food, yay), an equestrian club's Christmas barn-dance party (more free food, yay), and for the Camas Public Library's grand re-opening and anniversary events (free…books? Yay).