Chair Tests

Chair tests are held each year beginning the day after the holiday concert in December.  Each band student will play two major scales and the chromatic scale, followed by a short etude (handed out by Mr. Mancini at least one week earlier).  Students are scored on tone quality, accuracy of notes and rhythms, articulation, and dynamics.  A perfect score of 100 points has been achieved just thrice since Mr. Mancini began judging the young Camas banditos in 2001, although a score of 99 points has been achieved several times.

Following the completion of testing, the results are posted in the band hallway after school on the last day before break.  Students rush to see their scores, crowd around in an unruly mob, and congratulate those who made wind ensemble or first chair in their respective bands.  Shouts of glee can be heard above the melee from those pleasantly surprised by their scores, along with some tears and occasional tantrums by those who didn't prepare well enough.  The life lessons never end in the band world.