Assignments for Mr. Clark's Math classes


31 October 2011

We are reviewing for the test on Wednesday on Monday and Tuesday…1st test, get prepared!

26 October 2011

Today there is a short assessment on finding x and y intercepts and then graphing the line. After this we began to learn how to graph linear equations in Point-Slope Form (Section 6-4 in text).

25 October 2011

The assignments this week were to finish up p. 301 #1-18 all assigned on Friday. Today's assignment was p.301 #1-32 all.

19/20 October 2011

Today there was a short quiz over identifying whether a given point is on the graph of an equation. Following this we, watched a very short video refresher on how to manipulate an equation into slope-intercept form. I also introduced the concept of equations in Standard Form and Point-Slope Form. No homework tonight; we will start section 6-3 on Friday.

18 October 2011

Today we got back on track after my absences the past few days. We finished the assignment from Monday p.295 #50-64 all.

11 October 2011

Today we had a short assessment on graphing linear equations when given the equation and a blank coordinate plane. The homework assignment was 5 problems; p. 294 #41-49 odd, due tomorrow.

10 October 2011

Today we worked on graphing linear equations using slop-intercept form. The assignment in class was p.294 # 28-39 all.

7 October 2011

Today's in class assignment is p.294 #1-27 odd. This is due in class, or on Monday if it was not finished…

We covered how to graph a linear equation (Ch.6-2 Objective 2) today.

Have a great weekend…

6 October 2011

Today we had a short assessment on calculating slope. The new learning target for today is components of a linear equation.

(y = mx + b)

There was no homework today… :)

5 October 2011

Finished up learning how to calculate slope and rate of change. Short assessment on Thursday on how to calculate slope from two points and from a graph of a line.


HW due Thursday is the slope and rate of change book exercises p.286-87 1-21 all.