Test Re-Do How To

  • Students can get up to 80 percent on a redo.
  • Students must turn in a full sheet of notebook paper on correction day with a full heading and their score. Students who don't do this will get a zero in the gradebook.
  • They can work alone, with a parent, sibling, tutor, or with me.
  • They should re-do the problem until they find the correct answer and work must be shown.
  • They must then write a sentence or two on what went wrong or, why they miscalculated the question.
  • This should be done on a separate piece of notebook paper with a heading so that I can easily follow the work.
  • Test Re-Dos should be completed within one week of the grading of the test. In some cases the time will be shorter if we are up against a grading window.

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