Homework 5-22-17

Name                                                                                                 Final Score                          

Home Project Self Evaluation

Your project must be attached to this form.

House Rules

Must be draw to scale                     20 points                                             

Neat work                                          10 points                                        

At least 2 bedrooms                         5 points                                                                   

1 floor (2 with special permission)            5 points                                 

4 doors (minimum)                           5 points                                               

Kitchen                                              10 points                                                 

Storage Space (clothes)                 5 points                                                              

1 bathroom (full)                               10 points                                             

Living Space                                     20 points                                              

In order to earn more than 89 percent you must include:

Detailed Landscaping

Interesting Features                                    10 Points                              

Computerized or hand drawn with color


1st: Page 298 notes. Also, check out the link to the graphing calculator that Gabe shared with us.




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