1st Period Quiz Notes Roads and Ramps Phase 2

Questions 1-3:

Be familiar with corresponding floor and wall angles. The sum of these two angles will equal 90 degrees. Students will be given one angle and will need to calculate the other. EX: A floor angle is 50 degrees, what is the wall angle. Answer 40.

Questions: 4-5:

Students will be given the measurement of one of the acute angles in a right triangle and must calculate the other acute angle.


These are similar variations of the previous problems. The key thing to know in all of these is that the sum of all angles in a triangle is equal to 180 degrees and that a right angle is 90 degrees.


Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the missing side in each triangle. Similar to 1-4 on page 261. The missing length may be a leg or the hypotenuse.


Find the missing leg in the Pythagorean triple. Similar to 7-10 on page 260.

13: Verify that a set of side lengths is a Pythagorean Triple. Explain what you did.


Draw a sketch AND use Pythagorean Theorem to solve problems.


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