Homework 11-9-12

Consider this:

How Do Central Tendencies Change Related to a Sample Size?

Many new cars have a function on them that measures how much gas on average the car burned per mile of driving. A car that had a full tank of gas that was started in a parked position and left still until it ran out of gas would get zero miles per gallon. In another case, as the car moved it would measure the amount of miles driven compared to the fuel level in the tank and it would calculate miles per gallon.

During normal driving the car’s computer will calculate miles per gallon. How is this done? What equation would be used?

The miles per gallon will change between the time the car is filled and the time it approaches empty. Would you be more likely to see larger changes when the tank is full or when it is approaching empty? Explain your thinking.

3rd, 4th: Finished testing today. We will correct and start a new unit on Monday.

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