Homework 5-23-12

1st: Study for test and assemble phase work.

5th-6th: complete the problems below:

Answer each question. Round your answer to the nearest tenth. Round dollar amounts to the nearest


15) Asanji took a trip to Mexico. Upon leaving

he decided to convert all of his Pesos back

into dollars. How many dollars did he

receive if he exchanged 42.7 Pesos at a rate

of $5.30 = 11.1 Pesos?

16) The currency in Argentina is the Peso. The

exchange rate is approximately $3 = 1 Peso.

At this rate, how many Pesos would you get

if you exchanged $121.10?

17) Mary reduced the size of a painting to a

width of 3.3 in. What is the new height if it

was originally 32.5 in tall and 42.9 in wide?

18) Molly bought two heads of cabbage for

$1.80. How many heads of cabbage can

Willie buy if he has $28.80?


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