An Important Note to Parents and Students

Periods 1, 5-6 students and parents: You may have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of homework that students have in math. This is normal for my class this time of year as we prepare for the MSP. Students have been taking the district-written MSP practice test in class. Once the test is complete we will gather data as a class on the types of problems that were missed most often. We will then use that data to review the concepts of greatest priority. Class sessions will be rather intense during the next weeks leading up to the MSP on May 10. As a result, a reduction in homework seems appropriate.

Students should be prepared for the MSP with the appropriate materials. Please check with your students to be sure they have the necessary pencils and a calculator for the test. A scientific calculator is best. I prefer the Texas Instruments TI30X2s, but a basic calculator will also do. If a student does not have access to these materials from home I have a few calculators available for student use, but students should not depend on this resource as there are not enough to go around.

If you have any questions about the information above please click on the contact tab above and send me a quick note.


Mr. Burton

Second period science should also click on the science tab or follow the link below for the reading questions which are due on Monday.


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