Hayes Freedom Wins 2011 Clark County Community Pride Design Award

Clark County Community Pride Design Award

Eight years ago, the Camas alternative high school program started with one teacher and an unused classroom.  In the ensuing years, a few committed teachers created a culture of learning with a growing group of students.  The physical environment of the alternative high school changed often as they were moved to the next available space.  The new Hayes Freedom High School is designed to offer a sense of stability and pride to these students. 

Hayes Freedom is named in honor of Denis Hayes, a graduate of Camas High School and founder of Earth day, and Freedom, reflecting the cherished belief in the importance of this attribute in education.  The new school embodies this vision by protecting the earth’s natural resources and enriching the learning process.  The 20,500 SF building itself is being used as an interactive teaching tool.

Hayes Freedom, designed by Mahlum Architects and constructed by TEAM Construction, opened to students in September 2010.  In addition to funds from the 2007 Capital Bond, the Camas School District received state funding assistance for this project from the Office of Superintendent of Instruction (OSPI).   The school can accommodate up to 200 students.  It is a net-zero-ready building, including optimal site orientation, extensive energy conservation measures, and 40 kW of solar panels on the roof connected to the grid through a net metering program with Clark Public Utilities. The district also received rebates through Clark Public Utilities for its energy saving measures and qualified for a Bonneville Environmental Fund Solar4RSchools educational grant

Green measures include:

1)  Passive: Site orientation, Program distribution, High-Performance wall and roof, R-38 roof upgrade, Restricted window placement, Fiberglass windows, Skylights, Sunscreens and passive shading, Natural ventilation, and Rain Garden. 

2)  Active:  Displacement ventilation, Heat recovery ventilation, Solar pre-heated ventilation, Demand control ventilation, Radiant floor at commons, Daylight dimming, Occupancy sensors, Energy star appliances, Premium efficiency motors, Radiant floor heating, High-efficiency boiler, Energy-efficient light fixture, Low flow domestic hot-water fixtures, Dual switched outlets, Digital energy feedback, Ceiling fans, and 40kW roof solar PV.

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Doc Harris statue featured at namesake stadium

The Doc Harris statue was dedicated in honor of Dr. Arthur K. Harris (1894-1990) for his devotion and service to the athletes and citizens of Camas.    Doc Harris established his home in Camas in 1931.  For over 50 years, he offered free physical exams to athletes in the Camas community.  During this time, he watched over the athletes from the sidelines at virtually all of the football games in Camas as well as many other venues.  Doc Harris continued his medical practice and service to the Camas community until nearly 90 years of age.  The original stadium was built in 1959.  On September 18, 1970, the stadium was named the Dr. Arthur K. Harris Stadium to honor his significant contributions.  In 2010, a new stadium was constructed on the original site and was re-dedicated to Doc Harris on September 17, 2010.

Lee Hunt, the sculptor, proposed "a six foot tall ʺlife sizeʺ bronze full length (slightly oversized) portrait of Doctor Arthur Harris to be mounted at the level of the landing in the area that lies between the two main concourse stairways of the new stadium. It is a welcoming figure, in a long coat and carrying a doctorʹs bag, that has a gestural presence that implies that the figure is following the movement of the viewers up the stairs. From below, the figure is monumental. And, from the first stair landings, the figure is human sized, allowing the viewer to cover the distance from looking up to the figure to identifying with the figure: it is a comment on what role models do for us as we move along (or up) our paths."

The sculptor, Lee Hunt, is also known for her Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden for Children set in Grant Park, Portland.

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Grass Valley Elementary Photovoltaic Art Glass Window

Grass Valley Elementary School has a dramatic window in the main entry stairway.  This window was created by Sarah Hall Studio as part of the construction of the school in 2009.  

Embedded in art glass, photovoltaic cells bring elegant texture and a prismatic range of color to architectural facades.  "The Science of Light" project at Grass Valley presents renewable energy to students, staff and visitors in a joyful celebratory way.

To learn more about how this window was designed and installed at Grass Valley, click here.

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