MLA Guidelines

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MLA has recently been updated.  Some of our resources still refer to the 7th edition MLA format.  

NoodleTools uses the 8th edition, and format guidelines are being updated to match.

Noodle Tools – help with formating your citations  

Note: You will still need to carefully check to ensure that the formatting is correct.  Noodle Tools can make mistakes and it does not proofread everything. 


Examples and Checklists:

First page in MLA – Heading, title and header layout directions and a checklist

Works Consulted Example – An example payge layout with formatting directions

Works Cited Example – An example page layout with formatting directions


How to Cite Print Resources 

Book – 8th ed. – Non-encyclopedia or reference

Reference Book – 8th ed.– Includes single or multi-volume encyclopedias and religious references

Religious Book – 8th ed. – includes works such as the Bible and the Koran

Reprinted Article in a Collection – 8th ed.  – Includes articles in series such as the Opposing Viewpoints, Current Controversies, and At Issue

Article in a Periodical – 8th ed. – Newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals

Brochure or Pamphlet – 8th ed. – Brochure, pamphlet, leaflet or tract

How to Cite Online Resources  

Online Subscription Databases

Most online subscription resources include a citation generator that will provide a recommended MLA citation for the source you are using.However, you must carefully check the citation's MLA format as the programs sometimes generate errors.

ABC-CLIO Social Studies – 8th ed. 

Career Cruising

Culture Grams



eLibrary – 8th ed.

Encyclopedia of American History eBook

Gale Reference eBooks – 8th Ed.

History Study Center – 8th ed.

Issues and Controversies – 8th ed. – Includes Issues & Controversies in American History

Learning Literature – 8th ed.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context – 8th ed. – Includes U.S. History in Context

Polling the Nations – 8th ed.

ProQuest – 8th ed.

SIRS Researcher

Teen Health and Wellness – 8th ed.


World Book Online – This format works for any online general encyclopedia

Other Online Resources 

Web Site – 8th ed.

Email Message

Graphic or Photo from a Web Site

Journal Article – from a source such as Google Scholar

Magazine or Newspaper Article

Podcast or Blog

eBook – 8th ed. – from sources of digitized formerly-print books such as Google Books, or books for eReaders

How to Cite Other Types of Resources

Film, DVD or Videocassette

Historical Document (such as the Constitution of the United States)

Interview that was Published or Broadcast – 8th ed.

Interview that the Researcher Conducted – 8th ed.

Song Lyrics

TV or Radio Program