Feb 22

Dream Things True

Romance, Immigration



Dream Things True by Marie Marquardt

What did it mean to be free, she wondered, when she lived in constant fear that the people she loved would go to jail?

Evan and Alma have spent fifteen years living in the same town, connected in a dozen different ways but also living worlds apart – until the day he jumps into her dad's truck and slams on the brakes.

The nephew of a senator, Evan seems to have it all – except a functional family. Alma has lived in Georgia since she was two, surrounded by a large, sometimes smothering, Mexican family.  They both want out of this town.  His one-way ticket is soccer; hers is academic success.

When the two fall in love, they fall hard, trying to ignore their differences.  Then Immigration and Customs Enforcement begins raids in their town, and Alma knows that she needs to share her secret.  But how will she tell her country-club boyfriend that she and almost everyone she's close to are undocumented immigrants?


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