Feb 22

Bright Lights, Dark Nights




Bright Lights, Dark Nights by Stephen Emond

Walter Wilcox has never been in love.  He just wants to finish high school under the radar with his 2.5 friends and zero drama.  And then there's Naomi Mills, an adorably awkward harpist with a habit of saying the wrong thing at the right time.

It's inevitable that they're going to get together . . . but they're also on the unavoidable path to being torn apart.

When Walter's cop dad is caught in a racial profiling scandal, Walter and Naomi, who is African American, are called out at school, home and online. Can their bond (and mutual love of the Foo Fighters) keep them together?

It's a story about first love, first fights, and finding yourself in a messed up world, from the acclaimed author of Happyface.  


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