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The Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries

Historical Fiction - Mystery

Historical Fiction – Mystery


The Marcus Didius Falco Mysteries by Lindsey Davis

Ancient Rome under the rule of Emperor Vespasian is a dangerous place for Marcus Didius Falco, a private investigator with a knack for trouble, a tendency for bad luck, and a frequently incovenient drive for justice. 

Historical Fiction - Mystery Book 1 – The Silver Pigs

Marcus Didius Falco encounters the young and very pretty Sosia Camillina in the Forum and senses immediately that there is something amiss. When she confesses that she is fleeing for her life, Falco offers to help her and, in doing so, he gets himself mixed up in a deadly plot involving stolen ingots, dangerous and dark political machinations, and, most hazardous of all, one Helena Justina, a brash senator's daughter connected to the very traitors that Falco has sworn to expose.


Shadows in BronzeBook 2 – Shadows in Bronze

Informer and occasional imperial agent Marcus Didius Falco is miserable. The high-born woman he fell in love with, Helena Justina, has broken off their stormy, impossible affair. So when Emperor Vespasian assigns Falco a task that will take him out of Rome, he can't wait. Disguised as vacationer in the company of his comrade Petronius Longus, captain of the Aventine Watch, Falco travels south to Neapolis, Capreae and Pompeii where he discovers a conspiracy involving the Egyptian grain shipment to Rome. He also stumbles across Helena Justina, conveniently also on a trip out of town, who might, unwittingly, be enmeshed in this dangerous, treasonous scheme.

Venus in CopperBook 3 – Venus in Copper

Marcus Didius Falco is deperate to leave the notorious Lautumiae prison – though being bailed out by his mother is a slight indignity… Things go from bad to worse though when a group of nouveau riche ex-slaves hire him to outwit a fortune-hunting redhead, whose husbands have a habit of dying accidently, leaving him up against a female contortionist, her extra-friendly snake, indigestible cakes and rent racketeers. And, all the while, trying to lure Helena Justina to live with him, a dangerous proposition given the notorius instability of Roman real estate.

Iron Hand of MarsBook 4 – The Iron Hand of Mars

When Germanic troops in the service of the Empire begin to rebel, and a Roman general disappears, Emperor Vespasian turns to the one man he can trust: Marcus Didius Falco, a private informer whose rates are low enough that even the stingy Vespasian is willing to pay them. To Falco, an undercover tour of Germania is an assignment from Hades. On a journey that only a stoic could survive, Falco meets with disarray, torture, and murder. His one hope: in the northern forest lives a powerful Druid priestess who perhaps can be persuaded to cease her anti-Rome activities and work for peace. 

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