Online Subscription Resources

MLA Format & Documentation Guide 2014-2015


EasyBib - Provides citation, note taking, and research tools

Destiny – (includes Web Path Express) Online Library Catalog and access to websites

World Book - Online Encyclopedia provided through ESD 112 (user name and password available from CHS Library)

ProQuest - from HOME – Archived Magazine, Journal, Newspaper & More Articles (over 6400 publications are indexed including Columbian)

SIRS Researcher - from HOME – Archived Magazine & Newspaper Articles plus many more Resourcesabout Social Issues

eLibrary - from HOME – Archived Magazine & Newspaper Articles, Reference Books, & More. . .

Opposing Viewpoints In Context - Wide variety of Archived Resources on Controversial Topics

U.S. History In Context - Biographies, Court Case Documents, Government Documents, U.S. Wars, U.S. Events, Political Organizations, and more

Issues & Controversies - Balanced Resources on Controversial Issues

Issues & Controversies in American History - Controversial Issues in American History

ABC-CLIO Databases - American History, American Government, World History: Ancient & Modern, Daily Life Through History, Pop Culture Universe

History Study Center from HOME – Primary & secondary sources on global history from ancient times to the present day

Encyclopedia of American History (E-Book)

Polling the Nations - Opinion Polls

Learning Literature - from HOME - Author information

Gale Virtual Reference Library E-Books - Drugs and Controlled Substances, The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets: A Guide to Health and Nutrition, and More.

CultureGrams - Cultures & Customs of Countries

CountryWatch - Data on Countries (user name and password available from CHS Library)

CountryReports - Cultural, Historical, & Statistical Information on Countries (user name and password available from CHS Library)

Teen Health and Wellness - Teen Health Issues

Safari Montage from CHS ; from HOMEStreaming Educational Media


- Washington State Occupational Information

Career Cruising - Career information