Sternwheeler Trip Related Videos

Columbia River Video Snippets
Basalt of the Columbia River
A physics computer model video of the Missoula flood
Osprey building a nest
Osprey catching fish
Columbia Sternwheeler
Columbia River fishing platforms
Salmon migration Columbia River Gorge


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Rocket Experiment Presentation Guidlines

Science Rocket Expectations, Due Thursday with a possible extension if needed
1. Each group will turn in the lab report that best defines the work of the group.
2. Each group will present, to the class:
a. The scientific experiments design
b. The groups data collection process
c. The results of the data as it relates to the research question and hypothesis.
3. Each group will have a visual component to the presentation.

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Animals and their Adaptations





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Vocabulary Assignment Notes

Please define the following words/terms in your notes:

heredity, dominant trait, recessive trait, genes, alleles, Punnett square, genotype, phenotype, probability, homologous, chromosomes, meiosis

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Most Recent Presentations


Melting Point

Parts of a solution

Mixtures Presentation



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Presentation Guidlines Bonding/Mixtures/Solutions/Melting Point

Students should prepare a presentation in poster, Power Point, or another format to teach their concepts to the class. The presentation should include:

1. Vocabulary/Definitions of key terms

2. Descriptions of main concepts

3. Relevance to the real world

Students should also include:

1. Two investigative questions should be included. These are questions that someone might use to find out more about the topic.

2. Two multiple choice questions should be included for the pending student-generated quiz. Be sure that your question topics are covered in your presentation.

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Boiling Point Presentations/Self Evaluation

  1. Student generated quiz tomorrow
  2. Complete the self evaluation by tomorrow


Science Self Evaluation Boiling Point

  1. Describe one thing that you learned that was new to you.
  2. What information did your group share that is unique (different from other groups)
  3. What grade do you believe you deserve on this project? Express this as a percent.



Quan's group

boiling point

Second Presentation



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Questions on Boiling Point

In addition to the investigative questions you came up with for your project, each group will need to write two more questions. These will be our quiz questions related to boiling point. The questions should have four answers with them; three incorrect answers and one correct answer. These are due at the end of the class period on Thursday.


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Boiling Point Resources

What is boiling?

Pressure and boiling points: Why does this matter?

Boiling points organized on the periodic table:

Boiling points listed by substance:


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Drawing Atoms Due Monday

Students are to draw the five atoms they selected from the previous atoms calculation assignment. These should be done on notebook paper to be turned in on Monday.

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