21st Century Teacher

20th century minds teaching 21st century learners.

When 20th century minds teach 21st century learners

Just some tools for old brains to use when teaching young ones.

I am a 21st century teacher—With a 20th century mind.

I was born back when   CD’s were called LP’s they where big and black. and spun around at 33.3 rpm’s.  My brain frames things in “old fashioned ways;  baseballs are hit with wooden bats, books are made of paper, drinking water comes from a tap, and you don’t have to have a computer to learn.

I realize I am old school, but my students are not.

So I have pulled together a list of tools, ideas, philosophies, and discoveries that keep my 20th century mind spinning in along with the kids that surround me. I hope they can help you too.

tools for the

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