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6th Grade ASB Representative Selection Process

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Phase I:           Application
This phase generally takes a week.

  • Complete the one page application. (Click HERE to open the 2012 application in a word document)
  • The application period usually lasts one week with the applications due at the end of that week.
  • The majority of students who complete an application will move to the next phase.  (We have yet to disqualify any one based on their initial application.)


 Phase II:          Discipline, GPA, Attendance and Skyward Comment check
►This phase generally takes a week or two.
►You will recieve a letter after Phase II has been completed.  
►This letter will let you know if you are or are not moving forward to the next phase.

  • Discipline data is gathered for all available years, including elementary.
    • Excessive and/or severe discipline is considered but there is no minimum or maximum rule or requirement per se.
    • For example, lunch detention for forgetting one’s gym clothes is probably “okay” versus ISS for being rude to a guest teacher.
  • GPA is calculated.
    • MINIMUM REQUIREMENT:  3.0 with no D’s and F’s
  • Attendance data is gathered for all available years, including elementary.
    • While there is no minimum or maximum cut off, more than 4 tardies in one year is considered excessive and could easily disqualify an applicant.
  • Skyward comments are gathered and assessed, with particular attention to the student’s growth or lack thereof over the course of the trimester.

►Some examples of comments that are of particular concern:

  • Student did not complete a major assignment or project. 
  • Student's talking disturbs others and interferes with learning. 
  • Student needs to pay more attention to directions and guidelines. 
  • Student needs to check work for neatness and accuracy. 
  • Student has incomplete or missing assignments. 
  • Student needs to focus on instruction and following directions. 

While one or two comments will not necessarily disqualify an application, ASB is looking for students who consistently complete their work on time and with a high degree of quality.

Phase III:         Confidential Teacher Evaluations
This phase generally takes a week or two.
                       This is the final step of the process. 
                  ► You will recieve a letter after Phase III has been completed.   
                  ► You will recieve a letter that lets you know if you made it into ASB or not.

  • Students reaching this phase are given Confidential Teacher Evaluations to distribute to their teachers.
  • NOTE – teachers will indicate if you waited until the last day to give them the forms.  It is NOT a good idea to wait until the last day to give your teachers the forms.
  • Teachers complete the confidential evaluation forms and return them to the ASB Advisor.
    It is the student's responsibility to see that their teachers have turned in the forms and all forms must be returned.
  • Each students’ scores are tallied and the two boys and two girls with the top scores over 90% are offered a position in ASB. 
  • Students who score over 90% but are not in the top two will be considered for 7th grade commissioner positions in the spring, for the following year.
  • Students who are offered a 7th commissioner position must let the advisor know within the time indicated on their letter in order to NOT have to resubmit a commissioner application in late May.


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