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Excerpted from “How to Write a Thank-you Note”By Jamey Cicconetti Hatter  published Oct. 22, 2007

A proper thank-you note, in my opinion is about five sentences long. The first sentence should be just a simple statement of gratitude, including the name of the gift given. This tells the reader that you actually remember what they gave you. For example, "Thank you for the striped sweater.”

The second sentence in a well written thank you-note should be a compliment of the gift. "I really like it because blue and green are my favorite colors." If the gift is something that a child doesn't like they should still write a thank-you note because the giver still took the time to pick out a present for them. The first sentence doesn't need to change, but the second sentence of their thank-you note can still find something positive to say without lying such as, "This winter has been so cold and it will be nice to have another sweater" or a comment about the softness of the material, the brightness of the colors, etcetera.

The third sentence of the thank-you note should acknowledge the gift-giver. "It was so thoughtful of you to remember my birthday" or "It was kind of you to take the time to pick it out for me". Again, this doesn't matter if the gift was liked or not, it's simply thanking the person for what they were really giving: their time and love to the child. This is a hands-on way for children to learn the meaning of the phrase "It's the thought that counts."

The fourth sentence is a little more open-ended, but should mention the gift again, another aspect of it that is liked or how it will be used. "I'm looking forward to wearing the sweater for my school picture" or "The crayon and coloring book will be fun to take on our vacation" and so on. Basically, this sentence is letting them know that their gift will be useful, or in some way meaningful to the child, which is what the giver had in mind.

The last sentence of a thank-you note should be similar to the first, but without using exactly the same words. A quick recitation of thankfulness and naming the gift is all that's necessary. It's basically summing up the thank-you note. "Again, thank you so much for the book I can't wait to read it" or "Thanks again for taking the time to pick out a sweater for me".






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