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6th Keyboarding

Keyboarding is 50% of your grade in Technology.  Students will be graded on their successful completion of UltraKey Lessons and SkillChecks.  UltraKey is a keyboarding program that teaches students touch typing via the “homerow” method. In order to receive credit for UltraKey keyboarding assignments, students must use the keyboard cover and the "homerow method."  Additionally, there will be classroom activities and worksheets to supplement our keyboarding endeavors.  
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(1)   U L T R A K E Y 

(A)  Lessons:
►  Students will learn the homerow method through nine UltraKey lessons.
     ►Lesson 1:  Home Row  A S D F J K L ; Enter
                      A – left pinky; S – left ring; D – left middle; F – left index; 
                      J – right index, K – right middle, L – right ring, ; – right pinky;  Enter – right pinky
      ►Lesson 2:  I T .   
                      I – right middle; T – left index; . – right ring
      ►Lesson 3: O R N
                        O – right ring; R – left index; N – right index
      ►Lesson 4 – H E P
                        H – right index; E – left middle; P – right pinky
      ►Lesson 5 – W M C
                        W – left ring; M – right index; C – left middle
      ►Lesson 6 – G Y  Shift
                        Shift – left pinky or right pinky; G – left index; Y – right index; , – right middle
      ►Lesson 7 – U B
                        U – right index; B – left index
      ►Lesson 8 – V  X
                        V – left index; X – left ring
      ►Lesson 9 – Q  Z
                        Q – left pinky; Z – left pinky


Lesson 1-3 knowledge TEST, click HERE

Lesson 1-3 knowledge TEST, MC ONLY, FLIP OVER THE KEYBOARD, Click HERE

Lesson 4-5 knowledge TEST, click HERE

Lesson 6-7 knowledge TEST, click

Lesson 8-9 knowledge TEST, click


(B) SkillChecks
►  Students will demonstrate their keyboarding skills using the UltraKey timed tests, SkillChecks.  
      SkillChecks occur after each lesson and may be repeated an infinite amount of times. 

What is UltraKey?  To view a short preview of Lessons and SkillChecks, click HERE.

 UltraKey Grading Rubrics:



Points Earned

Letter Grade

Grade Description

97 – 100





95 – 96




Above Average

90 – 94





≤ 89




Below Average

*WPM = Words Per Minute (a.k.a. speed)

Please note that SkillChecks are graded based on a combination of accuracy AND speed.   
For example:
Accuracy = 100, Speed = 8.  This would be a C because an A requires at least 16 WPM.
Accuracy =  94,  Speed = 20. This would be a C because the accuracy is in the C category; an A would require accuracy of 97 or above.
Accuracy = 97, Speed = 14.  This would be a B because an A requires at least 16 WPM.

Students often argue that they can type faster using their own method.  The purpose of this class is to learn to touch type correctly.  This means that students are learning to type the keys with the correct finger without looking.  Each lesson of the UltraKey program has multiple steps.  ALL steps of the lessons except the last one shows a keyboard on the monitor and shows the student which finger to press on which key.  The SkillChecks are a 1 minute timed test that may be repeated an infinite amount of times, though I do not recommend this strategy.  However, if a student is having a difficult time passing the SkillCheck, I do recommend repeating lesson(s) SLOWLY as students often rush through in a hurry to finish as opposed to taking the time to absorb their learning.

Students who do not use homerow and/or the keyboard cover will recieve a grade of zero for both lessons and SkillChecks.  As I explain to each class, if you are typing CORRECTLY, though your accuracy and speed may be less than a C, you WILL earn 65 points…. which is a lot more than 0.  Learning to touch type correctly is a life skill that will serve them well regardless of the vocation they choose.

UltraKey requires a minimum of 80% accuracy in order to register the SkillCheck. 

                                       SELF EVALUATION RUBRICS: 
















► Click HERE for Hand and Finger ID game (PRACTICE)
  (Left and right hands and you identify the fingers)

► Click HERE for Identifying Home Row fingers (PRACTICE)
  (Left and right hands and you identify the keys they press on homerow)

► Click HERE for UltraKey -1 quiz
  (Scored quiz covering UK basics, finger names)

► Click HERE for UltraKey – 2 quiz
  (Scored quiz covering UK basics, finger names)


CLICK HERE FOR practice quiz

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 (2)   W O R K S H E E T S

►  Students will learn the homerow method through a variety of worksheet and classroom discussions.

              Left pinky:  Q A Z (Quinten Asks Zolo.)
              Right pinky: P ; Enter (really, what sentence can you make with that?!)
              Left ring:  W S X (Wesley Sees X-rays.)
              Right ring:  O L .  (Overly Loving Period!) (best to stomp your foot when you say period to get the point across!)
              Left middle: E D C (Every Day Counts.)
              Right middle:  I K , (I Know Comma.(best said with a little sass)

Click HERE to view and example quiz.     

I know you're really looking forward to my sentences for the index fingers… ! wink 
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(3)   S U P P L E M E N T A L   M A T E R I A L S   
Try these game that Miss Hofmann made! 

 ► Click HERE for Keyboard Identification game (PRACTICE)
    (Blank keyboard and you identify the keys)

► Click HERE for Finger placement game (PRACTICE)
    (Keyboard has letters on it and you are asked to find which fingers press those keys)

► Click HERE for another Finger placement game (PRACTICE)  
    (You will see a keyboard with the letters on it and be given a finger to match with the keys on the keyboard.)

► Click HERE for even more of a challenge (PRACTICE)
A multiple choice game that asks which fingers press which keys, or, what keys is a certain finger resonsible for?)
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 (4)   P R A C T I C E   S I T E S

It is imperative that students are using homerow when practicing! 

(A)  Click on the picture below to go to Dance Mat (slightly obnoxious but seemingly helpful typing tutorial site!):

Additional sites that you may find helpful:

  1.  (puzzle)
  2.  (has beginning, intermediate & advanced levels)
  3.  (has beginning, intermediate & advanced levels)
  4.  (has beginning, intermediate & advanced levels)


ONLY for those who have finished UK


  11. (okay, not exactly a typing game…. Still, too cute!)



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